Next Marine Commandant: It’s LtGen Rob Neller


LtGen Robert Neller has been nominated to succeed Joe Dunford as the 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps.  Neller has more than 40 years of USMC service, has commanded at every level, and has plenty of combat experience.  He was also a semi-feared Captain Tactics Instructor some 29 years ago when Yours Truly was a Second Lieutenant at The Basic School.  He commanded the famous Sixth Marine Regiment in the late 1990s, and at his change of command spoke emotionally and eloquently of the traditions of our Corps, including the grim battle of Belleau Wood, where his 6th Marines (along with the 5th Marines) would win their distinctive fourragére with the famous Marine Brigade in 1918.

LtGen Neller leaps over two Generals, ACMC John Paxton, and John Kelly currently Commander SOUTHCOM.

He is also a grunt, heart and soul.  It has always been my opinion that the Marine Commandant ought to be an 0302 Infantry Officer.  The infantry is the backbone of our Corps, with every other MOS existing to support the ground-pounder.  No artillerymen, no tankers, no amtrackers.  Certainly no aviators.  Rob Neller certainly fills that requirement.

Semper Fidelis, and Godspeed, LtGen Neller.  Guide our beloved Corps through what are sure to be hard and challenging times.  Have us come out the other side as United States Marines, Marines that could fight and win Guadalcanal or the Chosin Reservoir, or Hue City, or Ramadi, if the nation required it once again.

4 thoughts on “Next Marine Commandant: It’s LtGen Rob Neller”

  1. That change of command ceremony must have been something. Having spent some time recently reading about Belleau Wood, hearing someone speak with knowledge and passion about it would have been something. Already looking forward to hearing him speak at the Iwo Jima event next year. If you haven’t been to it, Reg, you should come down.

  2. Or as my Dad sez, one of them low numbered, pogey-bait regiments. He carries a grudge but he’s almost 93. Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian, Iwo.

    No fancy yellow rope.

    1. HAH! Yep! Pogey Bait Sixth!

      The supposed “40th Marines” from Uris’s masterpiece “Battle Cry” was actually the Pogey Bait 6th Marines, and its CO, Highpockets Huxley was Colonel H H Hanneken, former Sergeant who had in the ‘Twenties walked into a camp in Nicaragua and shot the rebel leader Charlemagne Peralte in the chest with a .45. Except in real life, Hanneken was wounded and evacuated, not killed.

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