We’re a tad busy dealing with an unexpected household issue. The central A/C went out. When you live in a desert, that constitutes an emergency. Tis time for a new AC, as the old one is 20 years or so old. On the other hand, our heat system gets so little use, it’s probably going to last forever.


The lovely Gina Elise and Pin-Ups for Vets is looking for donations. The lasses of Pin-Ups for Vets will shortly be visiting a state veterans home, and as is their tradition, gifting calendars to the residents. You can support them by purchasing a calendar for donation. And think about getting one for yourself.


It’s beat up on LCS Monday at CDR Salamander’s.


I’m not ready to endorse Drew’s Calvinball game, but it’s obvious current conservative politics can’t win with the rules jiggered the way they are.


As noted by a friend, this is pretty much dividing by zero.


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