Take a knee, drink water, here’s some Motrin.

One of the authors here slipped while cleaning the shower yesterday, and pulled a muscle in his back. He’s had this injury before (one time while trying to reinstall the M242 25mm chain gun in a Bradley during BGST), and it is excruciating.

Light content, basically, for a day or two. 

6 thoughts on “Take a knee, drink water, here’s some Motrin.”

  1. Those turrets are not easy to move stuff around in. I hated it when we still had the old 12 series radios in them. I hope the pain subsides!

    1. The VRC-12 series (and AN/GRC-160, of course) were the only radios I ever knew in the Army. I never even saw a SINGCARS, let alone the new stuff.

  2. See, tankers don’t have that problem as we don’t deal with the pop gun, and don’t drop the breach on the main gun for TCGST anymore.

  3. My sympathies. Take it easy, but not too easy. Prolonged inactivity gives the muscle(s) time to really tighten up.

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