5 thoughts on “That’s gonna leave a mark…”

  1. EOD first – MED Team close sequenced from behind sandbag revetment.

  2. If it went lateral to the proximal humerus it would conceivably miss a lot of vital structures in the axilla. In that case the deltoid muscle and axillary nerve would be at risk. Medial to the humeral head puts the artery and nerves at risk creating major disability or loss of limb. Through the humeral head is a whole ‘nother headache. Wish I knew more of the story but I’m glad he didn’t stroll into my ER.

  3. It happened in December 2001. The man was a Colombian gendarme, from a counter-insurgency unit, and the mortar bomb had been fired by FARC. Unfortunately, he died from a respiratory failure during the cirurgical procedure to remove the — live — bomb. Here’s a newspaper article, in Spanish: http://www.eltiempo.com/archivo/documento/MAM-707690

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