Last M117 750# Bomb from Guam

The M117 GP 750 pound bomb was the only non-Mk80 series bomb to see widespread service. 


Barksdale’s 20th Bomb Squadron is scheduled to drop the last M117 bomb in storage at Andersen AFB, Guam later this week. The M117s are surplus from Vietnam and once numbered in the tens of thousands there. Bomber crews, most recently those rotating in to support the Continuous Bomber Presence mission, have been chipping away at the stockpile for decades. Anyone have any good stories to share about loading or dropping them?

If you watch old footage of Arc Light strikes during the Vietnam war, you’ll often see the B-52Ds carrying a full internal load of Mk82 500 pound bombs, and M117s on the external racks. The ballistics were close enough to drop a mixed load simultaneously.

Interestingly, the very first laser guided bombs were built up from the M117.

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  1. I did Radar Bomb Scoring and we used Mark 84 ballistics to score the runs. At a drop height of 3,500 ft AGL and an airspeed of about 420 knots TAS, that meant the bomb traveled 1,000 yards or was it feet(?) from release to point of impact, theoretically. It’s been over 35 years and my memory is a bit fuzzy.

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