The Importance of a Proper Pre-Flight Inspection


Of course, I share your concern for the kitteh, but note, this could have easily turned ugly. The cat was inside the wing, you know, where the control cables run? It’s not beyond conception that the cat could have jammed a control at an inopportune time, and led to a crash.

9 thoughts on “The Importance of a Proper Pre-Flight Inspection”

  1. I know what cat claws can do to my leg through my pants if my cat starts to slip… flying an aircraft with a fabric wing with a cat on the wing seems like a Really Bad Idea ™.

    1. Yeah, I’d be more worried that kitty would make unauthorized modifications to the lift characteristics of the wing rather than just jamming up the control cables.

    1. Would have been a CAT-a-strophic failure? Can’t believe I passed that up before.

    2. QM, if you’d be just a little more generous toward the M18 purchase fund, Brad would be able to “bring the heat” all the way to the stupid.

  2. My first thought was that the cat would jump down and interfere with the pilot. Did anyone else see the “oh, S**T!” look on his face when he saw the cat?

    Kitteh himself seemed upset at first, but later looked interested in the ride, at least from over here.

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