It’s virtually impossible to live in S0uthern California and not be a member of an HOA, with all the associated headaches and expenses that involves. On the other hand, the HOA takes care of virtually all the landscaping. Except the front courtyard. That’s my responsibility. And it has to be kept trim and tidy.

So in spite of this:


I had to tackle this:


And end up with this.


11 thoughts on “Yardwork”

  1. Looks good, Brad. I do have to say, though, that my yard guy is probably cheaper than the fees at your country club. Of course, you do have a golf course there, and they do make a mean Jack and Coke in the clubhouse, and the sandwiches are pretty good, so there are some tradeoffs.

  2. Reminds me of a house I used to own in Albuquerque. Nothing but dirt and rock, with the occasional road runner or prairie dog for flavor. Now I have a half-acre of green grass that is currently kicking my ass in NC….

  3. Looks good old buddy.
    You do fine work. How about after the reunion next month I let you use my Ford tractor and Bush Hog to mow my front pasture? I’ll even let you have a Guinness.

  4. Save it for my reunion next year. I might even make it back for that one since I will be coming back from Germany about then.

    1. When I lived in SE Ohio it seemed like we were having flash floods about every other year. in ’94, there was about 3′ of snow on the ground and the night of MLK Day there was a rain storm that hit and dumped 3″ of rain on us. SR 26 about 5 miles out of Marietta had debris in a tree about 8′ over my head. There was one my last year as County Engineer that we had just finished cleaning up after just before I had neck surgery on Vets Day 2004.

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