Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Why do we never get an answer
When we’re knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war?

Andrew Napolitano has them.  And they’re good ones.

What if President Obama secretly agreed with others in the government in 2011 to provide arms to rebels in Libya and Syria? What if the scheme called for American arms merchants to sell serious American military hardware to the government of Qatar, which would and did transfer it to rebel groups? What if the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of the Treasury approved those sales?

What if the approvals were kept secret because some of those rebel groups were characterized by the same Departments of State and Treasury as terrorist organizations? What if the ultimate recipients of those arms were the militants and monsters in al-Qaida and ISIS who have slain and tortured innocents?

What if this scheme is defined in federal law as providing material assistance to terrorist organizations? What if that’s a felony? What if that’s the same felony for which the U.S Department of Justice has prosecuted dozens of persons merely for attempting? What if this scheme was not a mere attempt, but an actual arming of terrorists?

What if this scheme was approved not only by the president, but also by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? What if the idea of doing this was hers? What if congressional leaders in both houses of Congress and from both parties signed off on this?

There are plenty more, each worth the read, and our consideration.  To the surprise of nobody, the illicit e-mail account on unapproved servers (a violation of Federal law governing handling of classified information), where the record of electronic correspondence is carefully redacted by Hillary (in violation of the law signed by her husband in 1995) before being handed over, begins to look a lot more sinister.

What if Clinton was asked by senators while under oath about the delivery of arms made by American manufacturers to ports in the Middle East and she denied knowing anything about it? What if she knew she had personally approved the deliveries but falsely claimed she had no knowledge?

And the most chilling questions of all:

What do we do about lawless government by secrecy? What do we do about government officials who act as if they are above the law? What do we do if one of them lives in the White House and controls all federal prosecutions? What do we do if another of them is presently on her way there?

Just so happens that the government official in the White House is the same one pushing hard to disarm the populace and remove its last redress against tyranny.

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