Air Assault at the Coca-Cola 600.

Seems like a pretty sweet gig to get picked for that weekend duty.


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  1. Yep, tactical demos are always a lot of fun to do (as long as nothing goes wrong, that’s the part that always stressed us out, the what-ifs.) SPIE rigs look cool (and are a lot of fun for the guys on the line) but probably not the most tactical way to get out of a tight LZ, in my opinion. During my time as a planner in the ROK, the 1/1 SFG guys would always want us to practice SPIEs with them and we’d do it, but with the reminder that using the hoist is just as fast and we could actually fly faster than 40 knots once we got them in the cabin (for SPIEs, you gotta stay at least 1000 foot about the highest obstacle and no faster than 40 KIAS.)

    SPIEs are perfect for something like the Coca Cola 600. The 1st SOW used to do similar demos at that same race back in the late 90s (when the AF still had SOF helos, of course). I think the 160th has done that same demo at least 2 or 3 times that I know of as well…

    1. One of these days I’ll have to do a write-up about a Fast Rope infil/SPIE rig exfil I was involved in that turned into the most FUBAR helicopter demo ever (it was at West Point. At an Army vs. Navy pep rally. At night. Yeah, it was a mess). Looking back, I’m amazed that no one with any rank and/or common sense didn’t pull the plug on that one…

    2. And then there is the landing. What goes up must come down. I watched a LRRP team come in once. Ouch.

    1. Not an issue as long as they don’t pivot and have been doing proper track maintenance to prevent metal-to-ground contact. Only damage to pavement I’ve ever seen was when I deliberately took my tank out into very-new concrete between taxiways at Charleston AFB and pivot-steered a 360 and left massive black rubber marks in the pristine white concrete. But that’s what the USAF gets when they treat the tankers like crap.

  2. Can’t say I cared much for the sound track. One of my pet peeves is “artists” who try to prove how artistic THEY are with the national anthem.

    1. That’s not art, it is just straight up rock. I love that version. I’ve used it myself for a couple of unit videos.

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