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Security of the person, property rights, religious freedom, due process… The core animating principles of modern free societies began in that muddy field in Runnymede eight centuries ago. That’s why it’s the most important anniversary of the year: when the pampered, solipsistic beneficiaries of an 800-year inheritance start to lose the habits of liberty, only darkness lies ahead. Better to re-learn the old lessons while we still can.

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The 800th Anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta.

We risk a great deal when we foreswear our commitment to liberty.

Liberty is hard. It takes work, effort. I fear we’ve lost that ethic.

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  1. We have not simply lost it. We have had it deliberately subverted. With the concomitant efforts to disarm those who object. Tyranny in all its forms is a bitter pill.

  2. Too many people want to be taken care of by the Government, not enough are willing to work for a living, nor to stand up for our rights.

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