Old Army Video Games

The Army always likes to look to technology to improve training. Shooting takes time and money, so anything it can do to practice the fundamentals cheaply before going to the range is going to find the Army interested. One approach a few years ago was using a video game console linked to a replica rifle, known as the MACS or Multi-Purpose Arcade Simulator.


The rifle itself is kind of interesting. It’s not a replica M16. Instead, it’s a replica of the AP-74. Italy, like many European countries, has stringent restrictions on firearms, and centerfire semiautomatic weapons were a no-no. So one Italian firm built .22cal rimfire rifles to look like the popular AR-15.

I’ve seen similar systems in use, but never used them myself.

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  1. The Army was also interested in real video games as well. There was a version of Battlezone floating around Knox for awhile back in the 80s. I don’t think it got past that, but I thought the idea was a good one. Esli would know, but I suspect things have advanced a lot further on those lines.

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