The Fundamental Unseriousness of the Obama Administration- Transgendered Soldiers

China executes a stupendously damaging hack of sensitive information, Russia is fighting a war of conquest in eastern Europe, fanatical Muslims are scorching the earth in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, and nations around the world are scrambling to adjust to a post-pax-Americana world.

And what does the Obama administration do? It’s defense priority is to allow openly transgendered soldiers to serve.

Staff Sgt. King works in the headquarters of Fort Carson’s 4th Infantry Division.

A three-tour veteran of Afghanistan combat, King is fighting a different battle now.

She’s becoming the person she’s felt destined to be since the age of 13.

“I’m the first openly transgender infantryman in the Army,” King said.

The Army has accepted lesbians and gays into the ranks since 2011, but transgender life is a violation of regulations – a fireable offense.

“These conditions render an individual administratively unfit rather than unfit because of physical illness or medical disability,” Army regulations say.

Mind you, the regulation hasn’t changed.  But what the Obama administration has done is withhold discharge authority at the Assistant Secretary of the Army* level. That is, where previously the authority to administratively discharge a soldier was at the installation level, no each case must be approved by The Honorable Debra S. Wada.  We suspect that Ms. Wada is not inclined to approve the separation of those who do not wish to depart.

This, like so much else the Obama administration does, us a unilateral usurpation of Congressional authority. Recall that the Constitution clearly gives the authority for the regulation of the military to Congress, not appointed department officials.

We don’t have a complete strategy for dealing with ISIS, but we’ve found a way to bypass the law, and allow transgendered troops in the ranks, with no study and no concern for the challenges and issues it might create.

The Obama administration, like so many on the political left, see the military solely as a tool for social engineering. The simply cannot grasp on any serious level that the military exists solely to protect our national interests, and that it must perforce be a non-democratic institution.


*The linked article says the Undersecretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs- there is no such position.

5 thoughts on “The Fundamental Unseriousness of the Obama Administration- Transgendered Soldiers”

  1. So if I “think’ or “feel” that I am George S. Patton, the army’s going to change my ID card and email address? I mean, the name on my birth certificate is just an artificial construct that I had no input on. If I “think” or “feel” I’m a Ranger or Special Forces, I should be able to wear the headgear and badges, after all those qualifications are just artificial constructs imposed by cisgendered heteronormative bureaucrats. If I want to start calling myself “Colonel” I should be able to wear the eagles and the Army should change my ID card and pay status as rank is just an artificial construct.
    Gender might be “between your ears not your legs” but sex is coded into your DNA and the military only recognizes 2. And it doesn’t matter if you take estrogen and wear makeup, your still male. And if you don’t think your “gender” matches your sex, you have serious mental problems.

  2. Careful Stacey0311- you’re making sense. My thought WTF does sanity in any form reign anymore?!?!?

  3. Wait a second. Administratively but not physically unfit? What a load of horseshit. Transgender, if they are going through with it, usually require hormone therapies. How in the hell can they justify supporting that when if you have had a variety of other treatments, you are deemed medically unfit for service?

  4. “administratively unfit”

    What the heck is that? They don’t have a box for them to check?

    The definitions that I found for “transgender” are pretty confusing. It seems there is a range of transgenderism(?), from cross-dresser to surgically altered. As far as I am concerned, as long as the individual doesn’t require any special needs, there is no reason to keep them out. It can’t be any worse than allowing openly gay people to serve. It’s just a little more obvious.

    And a little more confusing. NCOs used to say “Don’t call me sir, I work for a living”. Now they might say “Don’t call me sir, I’m transgendered”.

    I am getting too old for this shite.

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