Abrams Desert Live Fire

Marines from the 1st Tank Battalion conduct a live fire maneuver at 29 Palms, aka The Stumps.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH_TSKVa1VY]

Honestly, I had to read the description in the video because a live fire at NTC Fort Irwin would look virtually identical.

Designing and maintaining a target array for platoon and company sized tank and mechanized infantry units takes a lot of space, time and money. Special machines, target lifters, raise and lower sheets of plywood cut out in the outline of a tank. Most ranges also have moving targets.

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  1. The most obvious give-away is where you hear someone say “solid copy” and then “solid” on the radio. Distinctively Marine verbiage. Road wheel carried on infantry rails is not normally an Army thing. We usually carry ours on the top front left of the turret. Nice video, though.

    The planning of ranges is fun stuff.

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