Posting just for the weirdness

Long ago, there was a commenter at milblogs that, whatever the topic, issue, problem at hand, Campbell insisted the answer was a modern hybrid airship. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for them. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. But Campbell found ways to argue for every single mission on earth for them.


9 thoughts on “Posting just for the weirdness”

  1. Route clearance support. Convoy escort/overwatch. Old-style ASW. I’m out after that.

  2. I’ve been kind of a big fan of the concept myself, they could be good for cargo and disaster relief too. Maybe some sort of drone mother ship, kind of like the USS Akron

  3. Probably has computer controlled air bladders to compensate for changes in pressure as altitude changes. Nothing worse than landing a “limp blimp”. I think that they take away that one wing and make you re-qualify.

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