6 thoughts on “A Dose of Puppy Love!”

  1. My wife and I want a shep bad. We fostered about 8 puppies of various breeds within the last six months (with one going go a fellow Vet back from a tour in ‘Stan…note I pretty much served on Oahu other than NJ Guard, don’t won’t any stolen Valor issues )

    We learned were not ready for one – have 4 kids 3 cats and a chihuahua. Maybe in about 3 years though.

    1. I recommend the breed highly. I have a beautiful 90-pound female, and have had three others. When you get the opportunity, get one. From rescue if possible. You will be hard pressed to find a better dog.

    2. Keep the kids, get rid of the cats and the bait dog, and you are ready. Labradors are great, good with kids. Short haired, too. I prefer mastiffs myself. If we ever get another dog it will be another mastiff.

      URR is right, get a rescue dog. They even have rescue groups that specialize by breed. And, they are more honest and reliable than a lot of breeders and pet stores. Take your time, it is an important decision for your family and the dog.

  2. Appreciate the comments all..do sheps attach to 1 individual or can you train them to make the kids or entire family their responsibility?

    I have to admit I like my cats. 2 are assassins of any rodent within a mile radius and unfortunately birds not paying attention. The other is just lazy and is in love with my wife.

    The chihuahua is really just my wife’s dog but we picked her up in Georgia and had good times down there. I’m a nyc metro kid but love the South.

    1. Shepherds do not have to be one-person dogs. Have had them that adore everyone in the household.

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