Navy: Sailors laying groundwork for missile shield in Romania

The first sailors are now on station at the controversial missile defense shield in Romania, Navy Region Europe announced Monday.

The sailors arrived last month as part of an initial wave that will “lay the groundwork for a full team deployment.”

The announcement means the AEGIS Ashore missile defense facility in Deveselu is a step closer to becoming operational. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly condemned the facility, claiming the shield is aimed at upsetting the strategic balance of power in Europe.

via Navy: Sailors laying groundwork for missile shield in Romania.

It’s interesting that they’re using teams deployed for six months. One wonders from where they will be drawn, as I understand that Operations Specialists in particular is a perpetually undermanned field. Will ships on the waterfront be tasked to detach a sailor TDY?

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  1. The ratings named, except the CT, which is normally shore based, are all ship board ratings. When I was in the ship board ratings were undermanned. QM was varied from 75-80% manned when I was in. RD/OS were undermanned as well, but I can’t remember the extent of the problem.

    1. Nope – RM’s were combined with others to make the IT rate back about 15, 16 years ago now, though.

      Most – perhaps all, but I’m not sure – AEGIS ships have a CT shop onboard.

  2. The Sailors are in a stand alone Aegis Ashore command. They are trained as an integral unit and certified to deploy to the Aegis Ashore site. CO is on site, remaining teams are back in CONUS working up. No TDY from afloat Sailors/ships.

  3. Militärflugplatz Deveselu Romania
    N 44.078851 E 24.415373
    Google Earth imagery DTD 3/30/2014 Looks like the runway is tore up. Not exactly a garden spot.

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