160th SOAR helicopters damage building in downtown Port Huron

Via the Times Herald:

A U.S. Military helicopter caused damage to the historic Sperry’s building in downtown Port Huron early Monday morning.

Around 1:30 a.m., during a military training operation, a helicopter approached the building from the east and the wind from the helicopter caused damage to the brick parapet above the building.

Randee Farrell, U.S. Army spokeswoman, said engineers have already reviewed the accident and found that the structure of the building was not damaged.

“Rotor wash from a helicopter caused damage to the brick veneer along the roof line which fell and caused damage to the awning,” Farrell said in a press release.

No one was hurt during the incident.

“The U.S. Army is responsible for the damage and will work with the property owner,” Farrell said.

There’s video embedded in the article that pretty clearly shows MH-60 helicopters operating at a nearby location.


Of course, the tin-foil hat crowd that is certain that #JadeHelm15 is going to result in martial law in Texas sees this as further preparation for the coming Obama takeover of the country.

Less nutty comments such as this one raise a point:

They have no buisness training in civilian areas. They have there own training areas to train. What is really going on here?

Yes, the Army does have its own training areas. The problem is, we all realize that vast amounts of future warfare will, perforce, take place in urban areas. And the military can only build so much urban terrain, that is, mock cities.  The problem is, if you only have a couple of places to train, very quickly you end up gaming the system. You learn not the techniques you need to apply in the real world, but the specific techniques for those couple of particular locations.

For instance, my unit would routinely travel to Pinion Canyon for training. And we’d perform the same mission, reinforced platoon in the defense. Now, the same terrain meant the same defense was used. Literally. The same fighting positions were dug time and again.  So where was the training value for the new 2nd LT platoon leader in learning how to site his resources? Yes, he saw a very good example of a well planned defense, but critically, he didn’t go through the process of actually having to make decisions on emplacing that defense.

Similarly, the pilots of the Nightstalkers can practice the fundamentals of their business at Ft. Campbell, their home base. But the reality of their mission is that they will have to land, at night or in bad weather, in dense terrain, on objectives they’ve never seen before. And they have to cope with hazards that exist in the real world, such as powerlines and flagpoles, that aren’t normally present at their home station.

And while most US based conventional units do the majority of their training on post, I was reminded last night that units in Germany routinely did almost all of their local training in the civilian community. And remember, after 1955, when West Germany regained its sovereignty, US forces were guests of the Germans, not an army of occupation. Somehow we managed to not impose martial law upon them.

It is more than passing strange that the US military is the most trusted government institution, and many worry about a growing divide between the services and the citizenry, but as soon as the military leaves post, so many instantly presume it is on a mission to oppress.

4 thoughts on “160th SOAR helicopters damage building in downtown Port Huron”

  1. I’m absolutely certain that Campbell has both power lines and flag poles. I’ve been there many times since I was in Hi Skool, so I can attest the fact of their existence. 🙂

  2. The stink of the non-military gov abuses/incompetences is sadly rubbing off on the uniformed services.

  3. I think the JadeHelm reaction stems from paranoia about one’s opponents. Who here doesn’t remember all the claims made by progs that Bush was going to set up concentration camps, or end elections, among other stories? We’re seeing essentially the same thing, but in the opposite direction. Now the Helmers are saying it’s Obama who will take over, etc.

    I have to wonder how many of these conspiracists have actually served in the military. That might explain how they could believe the Army or the Marines would follow such orders.

  4. Rotor wash damaged a brick veneer? Right off hand I would say there was a problem with the building. The building owners are probably lucky it happened when they had someone else to blame.

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