Crew Meals

I have no real idea why I found this video interesting. Maybe it’s my ongoing fascination with institutional food, or flight, or whatever.


True story, bro. I’ve only ever been upgraded from coach one time. It was on a flight from  OAK to SFO.

5 thoughts on “Crew Meals”

  1. I was rather giggling watching this and thinking of a few C-141B flights loaded with soldiers when it came to mealtime. No choice for entree but it was hot and palatable prepared by a couple of loadmasters in their flight suits. Of course no liquor, water or milk to drink, and as the meal came out it was “fire brigade” passed down the fuselage. Fun trips those.

  2. I was upgraded once and I was flattered to be invited until I figured out it was only a get the large masses forward of the center-of-gravity thing, not my scintillating personality and striking physical presence.

      1. I haven’t had a real meal on a plane in probably 20 years. But when I did have them, they were usually pretty good.

    1. Back in the 70s airline food was OK. Until 2007 my last airline flight was on Southern headed to Dothan, AL to go to flight school at Rucker. These days I’d have to be pretty desperate to eat airline food.

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