Fighter Fling 2003

Annually, each aircraft type community in the Navy has a weeklong combination symposium, award ceremony, and social function.  In the late, lamented F-14 Tomcat community, this was known as the Fighter Fling. And at the annual black tie dinner, the tradition has become to show a video highlight of significant events of the past year, with all the squadrons in the community contributing footage.  This was one of the last celebrations, as the last Tomcats left the fleet in 2005.


While I greatly enjoy the splodey in the middle, probably the neatest little bit was the cat launch with the gunnery tow target.

The Apollo 13 stuff alludes to the Tomcat community, with a lot of hard work, and very little support from anybody, decided to add the capability of integrating the LANTRIN targeting pod to the jet, giving it an outstanding precision air to ground capability. NAVAIR, the systems manager for all thing Naval Aviation didn’t come up with the idea. The F-14 community just kinda decided to do it, and did so.

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