Titusville Warbird Museum

The really cool thing about this blog is that I can share my vacation photos, and no one seems to mind too much.

The official name of the museum is Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, and the docent was kind and indulgent to the nerds in our little group. (Engineers can’t help it.)
We got to stick our heads in the bomb bay of this B-25.
DSCN0064 crop

Not George H. W. Bush’s TBM Avenger, but one restored to look like his.
“Bazooka Charlie” Carpenter’s L-4J
Checking out the British Tiger Moth.
How’d you like that for an airspeed indicator?
DSCN0070 crop
F-105 being restored.
DSCN0072 crop
F-101B Voodoo.
One of my favorites, the C-47. I told Mini-me that I had heard there’s not a square mile of Earth that has not been under the wings of a C-47 / DC-3. Sometimes they give rides in this one.
DSCN0077 crop
For my dad, the T-33.
DSCN0080 crop
For XBrad’s dad, the A-6.
F9F Panther.
F-14 Tomcat
F-18. Not actually a Blue Angel plane, but they have permission to use the paint scheme. (Got Mini-me’s hair in mid-fling)
F-8K Crusader.
F-4 Phantom
A-7A Corsair
A-4 Skyhawk
OV-10D Bronco
F-86 Sabre
DSCN0079 crop
Some of the memorabilia on display.
DSCN0117 crop
*Lots* of memorabilia.
Well worth the trip, and the gift shop is awesome.

7 thoughts on “Titusville Warbird Museum”

  1. I love the 60’s-era USN Gull Gray over White paint jobs, not the least for the ease of painting when building them as models.

    1. Overall Navy is pretty easy, too. I find tricolor to be a pain. I am not one of God’s airbrushers, I fear.

  2. This museum was awesome. They let my family right into their restoration facility out on the runway. They had some great stories to tell, and cared about what they did. Well worth the time, even though I was initially hesitant when I saw the trashed looking aircraft they had sitting out front waiting to move into restoration. That F105 was one of them, if I recall correctly.

    1. We were allowed in the restoration facility, too, and talked to one of the restorers. It was a good experience for the freshman aerospace engineer. There were two other aircraft in the hanger, but they were covered in plastic because of the F-105 painting.

  3. That machine gun has seen better days. Is that one of the .30 calibers M1919s converted to using .22lr for flexable gunnery training?

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