Friday Flyby- Part 2 The F4U Diamond Anniversary

On this day in 1940, one of the most successful fighter aircraft of all time first took to the skies. The F4U Corsair would be the first fighter to exceed 400mph in level flight, go on to be produced until 1953 in sixteen different variants, and actually see combat into the 1960s!

File:XF4U-1 NACA 1940.jpeg


A part of our affinity for the Corsair stems from the fact that our father flew them during the early 1950s while in the Reserves. And greatly enjoyed it, in spite of almost killing himself once.


6 thoughts on “Friday Flyby- Part 2 The F4U Diamond Anniversary”

  1. Beautiful plane. Also one of the more interesting ‘what ifs” out there; what if the Corsair had been introduced into the ETO? F-4U against FW-190…

  2. I remember as a young lad being awestruck upon seeing a picture of one for the first time.

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