Friday Flyby- Part 1

So, I’m stealing the title from OAFS, but I think he’ll forgive me. I get to see quite a few H-60 helicopters overhead here, normally MH-60R or MH-60S from NAS North Island (there’s no way I can see well enough to tell a Romeo from a Sierra from the ground), but today I looked up and saw what is almost certainly an Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk. I suppose it’s just possible it is an MH-60M from the Army, but really, I think it’s more likely the Air Force out of Holloman AFB.


It’s the In Flight Refueling Probe on the side that tells us it is a special operations bird.

2 thoughts on “Friday Flyby- Part 1”

  1. It always used to amuse me how much the SOAR guys hated helo A/R. During JRXs and multi-lats, they would find any excuse possible to FARRP rather than just gas-and-go from an MC-130 (this was especially true of the MH-47s, their rotor discs extended past the end of their probes).

    We (the AFSOC guys) were the opposite, we loved AR but absolutely loathed FARRP operations (I think Desert One had something to do with this, in terms of corporate memory). Different units, different cultures….

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