B-Roll Footage- Vertical Envelopment in Hawaii

Here’s a nice little clip from the recent RIMPAC exercise featuring Marine CH-53E Super Stallions performing an air assault into the Kahuku training area on the north side of Oahu.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTReiH-4zw]

A couple notes, some troops are carrying Steyr AUG rifles, so they definitely aren’t Marines. Australians maybe? And did you notice the Newport class LST? Our Navy got rid of them years ago. I wonder who operates that one now?

That’s some of the nicer terrain in the Kahukus.  Most of the time I spent there (and it was a lot) was in the far more rugged parts of the terrain.

8 thoughts on “B-Roll Footage- Vertical Envelopment in Hawaii”

  1. The helicopter on the ship’s pad looked of European manufacture. What scares me I was last there 35 years ago and the place still looks the same except for the wind turbines.

    1. They have a pretty good MOUT facility there now. A smoker to move from the low lying LZ up the hills to the MOUT site.

  2. Based on the hull number, that’s the ARM Usumacinta (A412), the former USS Frederick (LST-1184) sold to Mexico in 2002. That would make this footage of RIMPAC 2012, the only year Usumacinta appears to have participated.

    The helicopter is an Mi-17.

  3. Sorry lads, they were the South Seas Poms from God’ owns country or the shakey isles not those bloody foul mouth convicts from west lsland.

  4. I have never understood why the Marines like to use BIG targets to carry troops.
    And that air assault looked pretty casual to me. We were always taught to get everything off the LZ ASAP, birds and men.

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