Doin' the Rain Dance in Vermont


We were desperate for rain.  The ground was dry two feet down.  No substantial rain here for the last three weeks.  It was sposta rain last night and this morning, but I woke up to clear skies and sunshine.  Another day of hot sun would about finish my back lawn, already reeling from winter kill over half of it.

So I did what I knew I needed to do.  I washed my car, AND I watered the lawn. And painted the fence.

The result?  Coming down in buckets.

California Governor Jerry Brown can get ahold of me through our humble host.  With my Big Medicine, I would make Palm Springs into the Louisiana Bayou in a month.

14 thoughts on “Doin' the Rain Dance in Vermont”

  1. Got a bit here in B-Town area night before last but nothing today like the NWS promised.

  2. URR, can you please find me an engineer job in Maine / NH / VT?

    I purely hate California and just about everything in it except my wife’s family … and not even all of them. (I like my in-laws – Brad can tell you they’re pretty cool – it’s just the cousins / aunts / uncles that are worthless.)

    1. Have you looked at CRREL? Interesting place. Looking for engineers fairly frequently.

    2. They may be libtards, but if I lived in Vermont I could un-neuter my guns. Put a proper mag release back on my AR. Drill out the magazine limiting rivet on my carry gun. That sort of thing.

  3. Three years ago we (Nebraska Panhandle) had the second worst drought in my lifetime. Six inches for the year. Now it won’t stop raining. Nearly 12 inches in the last 45 days. The sun was starting to shine earlier but then somebody back east decided to paint a fricking fence…


    1. Yep, washed the ol’ girl. Jackass never helps. Only supervises. He is a good egg, the little bastard. I like him in spite of myself.

  4. Obviously, all evidence of climate change and the need for more Federal regulation. Specifically, there will be a new agency of Weather and Environmental Control by URR Management (WECUM)….

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