Boy Scouts ban water-gun fights | New York Post

It’s going be some doggone days of summer.

Boy Scouts everywhere will no longer be able to partake in the summer childhood pastime of squirt guns and water balloon fights.

A blog post by Bryan Wendall, an Eagle Scout and editor at various Scouting publications, reminded Scout leaders that new policies now prohibit the use of water guns and water balloons.

The ban is detailed inside the “2015 Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual,” which regards water guns as firearms.

via Boy Scouts ban water-gun fights | New York Post.

Firearms safety is all well and good, but this is obviously a case of taking a good idea to its illogical extreme.

Of course, I don’t really know how rampant watergun fights were in the Boy Scouts in recent years. But I do know they’d have been aghast is the water fights we had in Sea Scouts (a division of the BSA).

The SES Whidby didn’t have any squirt guns. What it did have was four 1-1/2″ fire hoses, and the big old Hercules diesel fire pump.

Whenever we found ourselves cruising in company with another Scout ship, we would have a good natured water fight. And by good natured, I mean you could knock a man off his feet at about 100 feet with one hose.

And if you made the mistake of towing your ships rowboat behind you, we’d flood that thing in a heartbeat.

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  1. I don’t know what possessed BSA to make gates president. Now he’s all for letting queers in all the way. BSA has already been declining in numbers. Gates is wanting to cut their throat. Canuckistan’s Boy Scouts really sunk fast after they started letting queers in a leaders. It’s a very serious mistake.

  2. You’re forgetting the water balloon slingshots we augmented the hoses with on the good old SES Whidby. The things you could accomplish with surgical grade rubber and a funnel.

    1. Quite dramatic when you add in “ride of the valkyries.” I have some pictures somewhere…

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