The Progressive Paradox!



It would appear that the Progressives have painted themselves into an “-ist” corner.  President Obama’s criticism of Elizabeth Warren, according to NOW, is sexist.  While we have been told incessantly that any criticism of Obama, which would have to include Elizabeth Warren’s disagreement, is racist.

As Nelson (the Admiral, not the Simpsons character) once said, “When you see the foe committing a mistake, do not be in a rush to interrupt.”

But it is fun to watch them spray their corrosive bile all over each other.


The lovely DB

11 thoughts on “The Progressive Paradox!”

  1. Racism trumps sexism
    Sexism is the new, I was going to say black but that screws up the metaphor

    Racism still bad
    Sexism is OK for brownish people because mohamed* said so

    *child rapist

  2. If racism still trumps sexism, then Warren is one-up on Obama … but just wait until Warren pulls the race card herself – remember, she’s an Indian! So she’s racist, but Obama is sexist AND racist, so that makes him automagically worse and gives her an instant victory.

  3. In the uncomfortable position of being roughly aligned with Warren on this particular issue. Those new trade deals are shady as hell.

    1. …and giving THIS President authority to negotiate whatever he wants with no possible discussion before either approving or rejecting is dangerous. After all, they’ll have to pass it to know what’s in it.

    2. I’d say giving any president that authority would probably be bad but yeah this one seems worse. If for no other reason we can watch each attempted grab at more power in real time.

  4. Eh, when two Bolsheviks fight, it hardly matters who wins, but it is certain that WE are going to lose.

  5. Bwahahaha! I watch and laugh at the antics of the untermenschen as they scramble about trying to gain dominance, secure atop my mountain of white male privilege.

  6. I have seen every episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and i don’t remember Admiral Nelson saying anything of the sort.

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