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Kayce M. Hagen is a pen name assumed by an active duty enlisted airman. She wrote the following words to capture her thoughts after attending mandatory annual training given by her base’s Sexual Assault Response Coordination (SARC) office. I’m publishing her letter here not just because it captures in visceral form a sentiment I’ve heard repeatedly from airmen who are frustrated by increasingly tone-deaf and overwrought approaches to this issue, but also because I believe her input raises (or renews) two important questions. First, what is the current Sexual Assault Prevention program doing for the Air Force? Second, what is it doing to the Air Force? Kayce’s input explores these questions in a powerful way. Enjoy and respond. -Q.

via One Airman’s View: Open Letter to the SARC : John Q. Public.

Go read the whole letter. When the military’s own sexual assault training irritates and annoys the very target it is supposed to be helping, maybe it is time to reconsider the approach currently in use. Perhaps modeling the training after the worst SJW and Womyn Studies nuts from academia isn’t the optimum route.

Hagen hits the nail on the head- training, whether sexual assault response, or any other type, is supposed to strengthen and improve the force, not sow division and enmity.

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