The Air Force in 1959

Any video that starts with the entire Century Series taking off is pretty good.


5 thoughts on “The Air Force in 1959”

  1. 3 minutes into the film. The first documented evidence of the beginning decline of a once great Air Force.

  2. What’s with the rocket shooting down a rocket trick shot shot? I had no idea that airplanes could carry their own Sidewinder targets, but I guess it makes sense. I wouldn’t have guessed the IR seeker could acquire so fast.

    1. I’ve seen that same F-100 clip in probably a dozen different videos, but never any other of that particular set up. I suspect the target was a modified 5″ HVAR, but I don’t know.

  3. I actually saw the entire Century series launch in my lifetime. Also much of the earlier series. I don’t recall and F-94, but I do recall the F(p)-80, F-84, and F-86. I also recall a bunch of the early transports and rode in C-118s to Germany and back in the late 50s and early 60s before MATS became MAC.

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