At Least the War on Whites is Going Well


Doesn’t seem like Barack Obama has much of a stomach for fighting America’s enemies.  He panders to Iran, and backs the Muslim Brotherhood.  He shows his spinelessness (flexibility) with Russia, while China continues to get the upper hand in the Pacific.  The Unites States continues the drastic military cutbacks in order to fund the welfare machine that fills campaign coffers and ballot boxes.

There is, however, one place where Barack Obama’s Administration has shown a penchant for war.  That is the one waged against his political and social enemies, to include the war on Whitey.  His race-baiting Attorneys General (Loretta Lynch is of the same ilk as Holder) and his bigoted loud-mouthed rabble-rousing friends, like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright, continue to agitate their special brand of racial hatred, virtually without challenge by the media or any on the Progressive Self-Loathing Left.  The result?  Predicable.

In the last week of April, a 61-year old white man named Richard Fletcher was savagely beaten by a large group of black thugs.  The perps were reportedly all from the local “second chance” high school, Baltimore Community High School, located nearby.  Fletcher suffered skull and eye socket fractures, a broken nose, and a brain bleed, along with broken ribs.  He was in critical condition, and spent time in an induced coma.  Not a peep in the national media, not until a few days ago.  Then, when the sickening incident was reported, the race of the gang of thugs was conveniently omitted.  I doubt severely if Loretta Lynch, she of the same racist bent as Eric “my people” Holder, will have anything to say about the incident.  Certainly First Lady Michelle Obama mumbled not a word about it when she was decrying the hardscrabble path she’s had to take because of her race (private schooling, Ivy League education, and $300k make-work job notwithstanding). You can be certain that, had it been a 61-year old black man beaten by white thugs, such would have been at the very lead of Michelle’s remarks after having been headlines for weeks in every major news outlet.  Along with the concomitant burning and looting.

Anyone who tells you that such behavior by this group of black hoodlums is not encouraged and inflamed by the race-baiting of Barack Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the enabling of a thoroughly subservient MSM, is either a liar, hopelessly naïve, or abysmally stupid.

By the by, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are actively working with others on the Progressive Left to disarm the country’s law-abiding populace.  For our own protection.   The kind of protection so helpful to Richard Fletcher.

7 thoughts on “At Least the War on Whites is Going Well”

  1. The victim came out of his house as two “Second Chance” female students were fighting ON his car which was surrounded by other “Second Chance” students numbering in the twelve to twenty range. He wasn’t out to stop the fight or intervene, just wanted to not have his private property damaged. Guess he took civility to a hostile gathering (like a knife to a gun fight). Poor schmo.

    1. Indeed. A 12-ga slug that splattered Rashid’s gray matter all over the rest of his homeys might have been more appropriate when the gang turned on him. But of course, guns promote violence.

  2. Agree Ulti although my initial thought was a SAW, or 240D and a box of belted ammo. Quite sure the quick dispersion would evoke Wylie Coyote “dust trail” images.

  3. I often check your site and I find it to be informative. But. This particular post is so full of talking points, wingnut conspiracy, disinformation, Fox News, single point of information, cliche and obviously limited research that I have to dismiss it. You do yourself a disservice.

    1. I don’t watch Fox News. And feel free to point out any “disinformation”. Feel free, also, to dismiss Obama’s and Lynch’s well-documented anti-Second Amendment stances, Sharpton’s and Wright’s race-baiting, Michelle Obama’s upper-class childhood, Holder’s remarks about “my people”, or the race of the perpetrators and victim of this sickening crime.

      Because when you dismiss that, it is much easier to dismiss my conclusions here. Liar, naïve, or stupid?

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