An Update on CPT Golsteyn

A few months ago we wrote about the curious case of US Army Special Forces Captain Matthew Golsteyn, who had received an interim award of the Silver Star, with a recommendation for upgrade to the Distinguished Service Cross, our second highest award for val0r.  Secretary of the Army McHugh not only declined to upgrade the award, he rescinded the award of the Silver Star.

Now, some months later, the other shoe drops:

“In an interview conducted with the CIA, then-Capt. Golsteyn claimed to have captured and shot and buried a suspected IED bomb maker,” the ArmyTimes said Thursday, citing a newly surfaced Army document. “He further went (on) to comment that he went back out with two others to cremate the body and dispose of the remains.”

The publication reported that the secret document was first published Wednesday by The Intercept website.

The internal Sept. 29, 2014, information paper says an investigation by Army criminal investigators determined Golsteyn “committed the offenses of murder and conspiracy based on the interview provided by the CIA,” the Washington Post said.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Division conducted an investigation, but was unable to discern any corroborating evidence, such as witnesses or a burial site. Absent that, no criminal proceedings were viable.

If what the internal Army memo says is true (and at this point, we really only have the CIA’s word for it that then CPT Golsteyn made such statements), that would certainly be cause for both the revocation of the award, and the separation board Golsteyn faces next week.

6 thoughts on “An Update on CPT Golsteyn”

  1. I am slightly skeptical since the report of the confession of a murder was shown by a web site document leak with no authentication. Must be some interview at the CIA “excuse me have you murdered anyone lately?” The article indicates CID couldn’t prove any of the actions but found him to have committed the actions, wow if true that is some standard of proof.

    1. One of the first comments made during the session is that anything you say may be used to prosecute you.

      The question would have been simple like have you or were you involved in a crime in uniform?

      He thought he could beat a Poly and he outed himself…

    2. Polygraphs are ridiculously unreliable, and are basically just a measure of the paranoia of both the tester and the testee.

      I’ve taken – and lied my ass off through* – a pre-employment polygraph. And seen my results sheet afterwards. And gotten the job, too. The only place that the report showed indications of deception was on something stupidly provable – and where I was truthful – like what my middle name was.

      *The things lied about** were disclosed to my prospective employer prior to the polygraph. I was told – by the prospective employer – to lie as needed during the polygraph test – I was hired regardless, but I needed the right answers on the test in order to make all the paperwork match.

      **Yes, I smoked a couple joints during a period in my life when I was not subject to the UCMJ. I didn’t like it, didn’t repeat it, but even once was against the corporate rules.

    3. Polygraphs are unreliable, and there are some people who they will not work at all. My mother and I are two examples. I took a poly in the Navy. Given the purpose they already knew all the answers to the questions and they were just checking to see if I would try to bamboozle them. The first question I was asked I gave them the answer they expected (I didn’t see the questions beforehand) and machine said I was lying. Same with the next 5 questions. they brought in another operator and got the same results. I wasn’t trying to get anything by them, but the machine called me a liar down the line. I still have no explanation as to why. My mother was given a poly by Walmart back in the 80s and they got the same result.

      curioser and curioser.

  2. Does anyone know the political leanings of Maj. Golsteyn? In the Age of 0Bama, government agencies show an interesting tendency to coordinate their actions & punish those who fail to recognize the deity of the POTUS.

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