Kuwait Set to Announce Super Hornet Deal | Fighter Sweep

Employees of Boeing Defense in the St. Louis Super Hornet/Growler production facility, as well as employees involved in helping manufacture F/A-18E/F components across the country, are breathing a collective sigh of relief. News just hit of an impending announcement that Kuwait will purchase 28 Super Hornets in a deal that could fetch just north of three billion U.S. dollars.

via Kuwait Set to Announce Super Hornet Deal | Fighter Sweep.

That’s some good news. And it looks like the US Navy is set to make some additional small buys of the Super.

The adoption of the Super as the replacement for the Kuwaiti’s legacy Hornets may also have some small influence on the choice of other nations shopping for their next generation fighter. Planes that sell successfully overseas tend to be adopted by more and more countries. That is, the more you sell, the more you sell. Partly that is because the extended production drives down unit costs. Partly it is also because the widespread service tends to make logistically supporting them over the service life more affordable.

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  1. Economic boon to be sure, but isn’t the bottom line that the purchaser is getting one heck of a product (jet fighter), and made in the USA?!?!

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