All 8 women fail to move forward in Ranger School, will recycle to Darby phase

The Army has announced that all 8 women who completed the initial phase of Ranger School, known as the Darby phase* will not be advancing to the Mountain phase of the course.

All eight of the women trying to move into the second phase of the Army’s elite Ranger school failed to move ahead to the school’s second, or mountain, phase. However, all qualified to restart the initial, or Darby, phase, Army officials said Friday.

Just under half of the soldiers vying to move ahead did so, according to Gary Jones, a spokesman for the Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence. Tomorrow, 115 soldiers, all male, will start the mountain phase at Dahlonega, Georgia. Meanwhile, 101 male soldiers will join the eight women restarting the Darby phase at Fort Benning, Ga., on May 14. Thirty-five more soldiers, all men, washed out completely and will return to their units, officials said.

As you can tell from the numbers of men held back, and recycling through Darby, this is hardly unique.

Ranger School** is nominally a 61 day course. But quite a few people get recycled multiple times before completing the course. And the course is designed to be an endurance test, even if one completes it in the 61 days. Having to recycle multiple times drags that out quite a bit. Of course, that simply makes it even more challenging.



*back in the old days, it was sometimes called “city week” as it took place within the confines of Fort Benning- not exactly luxurious, but far more so than the Mountain and Florida phases.

**Your humble author never attended Ranger School. His initial entry training at Harmony Church was right next door to the Darby phase barracks, however, and watching the Ranger School candidates humping rucks and running everywhere left an impression on his young mind even as his own body was sore and tired from mere basic training.

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  1. Using a Clintonian definition of “attended” I could say I “attended” Ranger school. My unit, and probably other units, had basically no other function than to support the various schools at Benning.

    This was my first experience at life south of the Mason-Dixon line. One time, after a hot, sweaty day running around the woods at Eglin AFB we found a nice clear, snake-free stream. I jumped in without testing the waters and nearly wound up with two sets of tonsils and a possible career in the Vienna Boys Choir. Amazing how cold that Florida swamp water can get.

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