$150,000 in VA Cash for Strippers and Prostitutes?

We should be thankful that it wasn’t money wasted, I spose.  The Detroit News has the story:

Bates, who was released on $10,000 unsecured bond Tuesday, told investigators he spent some of the cash on a stripper named “Ashley” at an Ohio strip club, according to court records. He said he often spent $500 a night on lap dances — and more.

“After visiting the club numerous times, Glenn Alan Bates convinced Ashley to come to his hotel room for sex, for which he paid her,” VA Special Agent Frederick Lane wrote in a court filing.

The hotel trysts were frequent and non-exclusive. Bates said he also met with other strippers and prostitutes, according to court records.

After all the stories of fraud and waste in the VA system these days, perhaps Mr. Bates should be recognized for streamlining the gummint purchasing process and getting at least some value for the tax dollars spent.

“Glenn Alan Bates stated he became addicted to the sexual encounters and he stole cash from the canteen to pay for this addiction,” Lane wrote.

No word on whether treatment for his addiction is gonna be covered by the VA or by Obamacare.


Brian P

4 thoughts on “$150,000 in VA Cash for Strippers and Prostitutes?”

  1. Addiction. Sigh. If that qualifies as an addiction, there are an awful lot of Lance Corporals who qualify as addicts. What’s the level of disability on that at discharge? Certainly at least the 30% granted Braulio Castillo, right? It’s far more disabling than a twisted ankle.

  2. The investigation started because $478,000 was missing from the canteen? That’s a lot of lap dances and hotel dates with Ashley.

  3. I’m addicted to not having to get up and drive to work each day, they should pay for me to not have to do that, my addiction would be much cheaper than that guy’s.

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