Your 'Frank Drebbin' Moment

BZ to the lovely Mayor Pro Tem.  I dunno how she stops.  I would be in tears, half an hour, minimum.

H/T Drudge.

2 thoughts on “Your 'Frank Drebbin' Moment”

  1. That’s funny as hell. What’s doubly funny is that the sound effects were appropriate to the lovely mayor pro tem’s subject. The one public health triumph we’ve had in the last 25 years is the reversal of antibiotic resistant disease trends. Those numbers have absolutely collapsed. Surprise surprise, that’s not what the media and government report.

  2. Shoulda been a fart in there somewhere for classic comedy.

    Councilman did not wash his hands after. Ewwww.

    Ms. Jonrowe is a cutie. Even if she is married.

    The guy to her right darn near fell out of his chair. 🙂

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