Congrats to CPT Cudd on earning her EFMB

The Expert Field Medical Badge is the medical equivalent of the Expert Infantry Badge.  Recently, a video has been making the rounds of CPT Cudd finishing the final event of the week long challenge- the 12 mile road march.


The EFMB isn’t easy. In fact, I’d say it is harder to earn than the EIB. Having said that, while CPT Cudd did in fact meet the minimum standards, the video is just embarrassing. Absent an injury or illness, no company grade officer in any branch should struggle that much at the end of a 12 miler. It just isn’t that tough.

You know what we called a 12 mile road march in The Wolfhounds?


Every week we did a 12 miler. And our packs were a heck of a lot more than the 35 pound pack specified for EFMB/EIB. And we did it in the same standard three hour period. As an added bonus, the route we used was actually 13 miles.

You know who has impressed me so far? The women who made it through the first week of Ranger School.


4 thoughts on “Congrats to CPT Cudd on earning her EFMB”

  1. Having watched an EIB run once, at Ft Stewart, in June, with most of the road march route in sand, and maybe a handful of infantrymen finish in under three hours (and “they” put a cloth over the clock and kept going), and one my my best mortarmen looked exactly like this, but that he wound up crawling the last fifty feet, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I see that they all have snivel gear on, and she probably has too much on and didn’t want to stop and take it off. But she finished, met the standards and got her badge and I’m going to just say good for her. Congratulations for driving on, not because she is physically fit but in spite of it.

  2. As long as the Ranger Committee doesn’t “alter” the standards or haven’t to accomodate these female Ranger students then yes, one must admire that these female soldiers are doing both the walk & talk.

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