McCarthy was right.

One of the constant bleats from the political left in America is that anyone questioning the patriotism or motives of the Left is engaging in McCarthyism, a politically motivated witch hunt.

It’s amazing that this has become an effective deflection from legitimate criticism, as McCarthy was right- the government, under the Democratic administrations of FDR and Truman was absolutely riddled with agents of the Soviet Union.

I would urge the reader to study two subjects on this matter- The Venona Project, and the Vassiliev notebooks.  Of the two, the Vassiliev notebooks are probably the least trustworthy, mainly because they are uncorroborated. Still, they’re generally in line with Venona, and the prosecution of various Soviet agents throughout the Cold War. Which, by the by, was a long, long list.

15 thoughts on “McCarthy was right.”

  1. It’s only natural for communists to defend other communists.


    1. Huh. Funny you’d bring this book up … I just ran across my copy of that one today.

      Good book.

  2. No, McCarthy wasn’t “right”. The guy was an alcoholic asshole that made the lives of a lot people absolutely miserable. There was no threat to the security of the country – just his imagination. Think “Cheney”

    1. An ad hominem sandwiched between two arguments by assertion, with a swipe at the bugbear of today’s Left as garnish.

      Now that’s what I call a shit sandwich.

    2. Typical left wing comment, don’t discuss the facts just try to defame character.

    3. Ah, but he was an obnoxious, alcoholic asshole, but he was an obnoxious alcoholic asshole of a Badger! That makes a difference.

    4. Ann Coulter set this strait a while back. Read “Treason”.
      This ought to spin you up:

      No. 1 on my babe list! BTW, you need to correct your state vector; it points to another place (unless of course your coordinate frame is tilted – as most here would agree).

  3. The guy was an alcoholic asshole…so was communist sympathizer Teddy Kennedy.

  4. “alcoholic asshole” – isn’t that a synonym for politician?

    McCarthy is a classic example of throwing enough shit that some it has to stick but everyone else winds up smelling of it too.

  5. Assume that an alcoholic asshole is only half as smart as a stopped clock. That still makes him right once a day.

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