It’s not often you get away with hitting your First Sergeant.


6 thoughts on “It’s not often you get away with hitting your First Sergeant.”

  1. Watched this on the way back from a field exercise with that same gun (M119). Tossing those casings can be something of an art form and most know to keep that area clear. I thought the 1SG handled it pretty well. Still funny!

  2. In my youth, I did kick my PSG as hard as I could one day after he poured water on me to wake me up after I’d been awake for 72 hours. He took it well, surprisingly. I hit another one in the kneecap with my rifle, basically because I hated him and had the opportunity and he didn’t know who’d done it.

  3. How can those people even move with all the crap, err, stuff they are wearing?


  4. Did I ever mention the time I shot my platoon sgt. in the head with my M16? Just once, though.

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