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Oh my.


The Navy is managing to really piss off Congress.

WASHINGTON: The cruiser war continues. With House seapower subcommittee chairman Randy Forbes declaring the Navy has “no credibility” when they promise to modernize aging Ticonderoga-class cruisers, House Republicans and Navy leaders are accelerating towards a public collision.

Last week, Forbes rolled out legislation requiring the Navy to modernize the cruisers twice as fast as planned, in just two years per ship instead of four. On Tuesday, the Chief of Naval Operations urged Congress to get rid of Forbes’ provision, saying the faster pace it mandates would cost an extra $300 to $400 million. On Wednesday, the full House Armed Services Committee sided with Forbes against the Navy. Yesterday, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus suggested several ways that Congress could make sure the cruisers got modernized without having to accelerate the pace. This afternoon, Rep. Forbes told me Mabus’s alternatives weren’t good enough.

Of course, the Navy is far more willing to cut cruisers than admirals.


Veterans are more likely than similar civilians to volunteer more hours, to vote consistently and to serve in civic organizations, according to a report released Thursday that advocates hope will counteract the perception of veterans as “broken heroes.”

The report found that veterans, even those who may be struggling with issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, are eager to contribute to their communities and can make neighborhoods safer and friendlier.

“For years, we’ve been working to make sure veterans are perceived as leaders and assets. Now we have empirical evidence,” said Chris Marvin, managing director of Got Your 6, a veterans group that sponsored the report. “The statement that veterans are civic assets is no longer an opinion; it’s a fact, and it’s backed up by data.”


I think we all know the “other experiment” on the X-37B.


Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Manila Bay, where the US Navy smacked Spain upside the head, and ann0unced itself as a world power.

File:USS Olympia with Dewey at Battle of Manila bay DSCN4191 at Vermont State.jpg

You may fire when ready, Gridley.


It’s also the anniversary of one of the more interesting air raids of the Korean War, the attack on the Hwachon dam, by Navy AD Skyaiders using aerial torpedoes to breach the floodgates.

An AD Skyraider of Attack Squadron (VA) 195 carrying a torpedo pictured in flight en route to strike the Hwachon Dam on May 1, 1951.

Artist R.G. Smith's portrayal of the attack against the Hwachon Dam.


It’s also the anniversary of the first Black Buck raid at Port Stanley, Falklands, by RAF Vulcans. And of course, Think Defence has a great article on the critical runway there, with a lot of really interesting pictures.

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  1. The Navy isn’t calling it a decommisioning, but Gettysburg is going to go through a procedure that will put it into inactive status (read “decom”) very shortly. And I didn’t say this….

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