Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders is Running For President in 2016


… as a Democrat, CNN reports:

Sanders caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate but is an unlikely candidate for the Democratic nomination, primarily because he has never been a registered member of the party and calls himself a “democratic socialist.”


It remains to be seen whether the Democratic Party would be willing to move that far to the right.


8 thoughts on “Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders is Running For President in 2016”

  1. That would be “Democrat Party”. There’s nothing democratic about it – they’ve been fixing elections since their inception.

    1. I think GWB started the removal of “ic” from the name. Not out of malice, just clumsiness. He was not a good orator. If you think the Democrat (sic) party has been fixing elections perhaps you should take your tin foil hat out to Texas to watch the invasion

    2. So tell me oh stellar one, are they Democrats or Democratics? I believe they call themselves Democrats, hence Democrat party. I also call them Democrats with the emphasis on RATS.

  2. A combined Hillary/Bernie ticket would be ideal! If you’re going to vote for ultra-Left-wing geriatric insanity, why not go whole hog?

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