Please quit losing your mind over Jade Helm 15.

Probably 95% of people who have heard about Exercise Jade Helm taking place in their communities understand and support it, or, if they do have issues, they relate to genuine, if misplaced concerns, such as noise and other possible disruptions to their daily lives. Fair enough. But you  cannot look for basic information on the exercise without dozens, hundreds of “experts” telling you that JH15 is simply a pretext for martial law, seizing guns, and rounding up “patriots” in reeducation and concentration camps.

Brad Taylor took the trouble of writing up this issue, so I don’t have to:

I grew up in East Texas, running around the woods, camping, hunting and generally getting into trouble. I haven’t been home in a while due to twenty-plus years in the military and now living in South Carolina, but I still have family there. From what they’re telling me, something has clearly changed from my childhood days. Jade Helm, a USASOC Realistic Military Training event, is coming to certain Texas locales, and the population is losing its mind over “sinister” implications. FEMA concentration camps, UN gun-grabbers, and anything else that can be extrapolated, has been. Why? I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out why this exercise has generated such controversy, as it’s truly confusing. How can a state that breaks its arm trying to congratulate veterans, that declared a Chris Kyle day, assume that those same service members they’ve been cheering in the Dallas Airport are now out to enslave the entire state? Truthfully, that’s what really burns me. The men who planned the exercise, and the men who will execute the exercise, are me. Texas, the land I grew up in, is basically saying I – and the men I served with – are willingly planning to round them up and put them into concentration camps. Why? How has the Internet been able to leverage such unfounded paranoia? When did we go from supporting the troops to denigrating them as oppressors?

Let me add this- if the Special Forces community suddenly wanted to confiscate your guns, set up reeducation and concentration camps, and otherwise impose martial law, would they announce their plans in advance? Would they send a contact team to EVERY county and municipality briefing them on when the exercise will take place?

Here’s a video of one such briefing. Of course, the comments section is nuttier than a Snickers production line.


Jade Helm is simply Robin Sage writ large. And North Carolina somehow hasn’t fallen under the sway of martial law, in spite of some 60 years of hosting off post exercises. Maybe SF is just really bad at martial law.


I normally don’t like to send you, dear reader, to the nuttier corners of the internet. They don’t really deserve the traffic. But this is the kind of crap that is out there:

Katy Whelan serves as the medical advisor and reporter for The Common Sense Show. As such, she is privy to much of the information on topics which we have not yet published for one reason or another. With regard to Jade Helm 15, Katy has had access to some of the most sensitive information that is in our possession. Therefore, when Katy decides to assert herself in the field by confronting an official about Jade Helm, she can do so with an air of authority.

This past weekend, Katy had occasion to confront a Lt. Colonel Gallegos in a chance public meeting and the following represents the summary of her encounter.

“On Saturday April 11, I (Katy Whelan) was coming out of a Denver area Restaurant and saw a National Guard officer in the parking lot and decided to stop and chat with him about the Jade Helm training drill going on across the country”.

“I introduced myself to a Lt Colonel Gallegos from Buckley Air Force base in Aurora, Colorado. Below is a summary of the exchange”.

Katy:  “I am aware of the Jade Helm drill and I am concerned as to why this drill was being conducted”.

Gallegos:  (He was caught off guard and didn’t have a clear answer as he stumbled around for words and his body language was extremely nervous). “We have had drills like this before, like one we had before one 10 years ago”.

Katy: “There has never been a drill to this extent in size and scope”!

Gallegos: (His body language, again, was extremely nervous as he stumbled to find the right words as he chose to look down, smile and concede that I was correct on that point). “Yeah, that is true but it’s not a big deal”. (Editor’s Note: Not a big deal? Various factions of the military are preparing to impose martial law in the Jade Helms drills while extracting dissidents, and death squads will be planted in order to practice their “infiltration techniques” and this is “not a big deal”? This is an act of war against the American people and it is not a big deal?).

Katy: “I know the Jade Helm15 drill is in over 30 states”.

Gallegos: (He became increasingly nervous) and asked “How did I know this (as if I should not have this information)”?
Katy: “Isn’t this a joint a joint military and national guard operation and doesn’t this violate posse comitatus”.

Gallegos:  “No, that is not true because the National Guard will be the only ones running the drills”.  (Editor’s note: This is a bold faced lie uttered by Lt. Col. Gallegos! On the original Jade Helm 15 document, Special Operations Forces state that the 82nd Airborne and Special Operations Forces such as the Green Berets, Navy Seals will be a part of the drill. Therefore, Gallegos knows what he is participating in is illegal and is not limited to the National Guard. We further know that the Department of Defense is hiring people to play the role of detainees and incarcerated Americans under martial law).

Katy: “Then why, if it is a joint operation, why would the National Guard have the authority to be the organization to be running the drill”?

Gallegos: (Like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, the nervousness of the body language was peaking as he stumbled around looked down and was rubbing his keys nervously). Katy took that to mean that her challenging statement was true.
“But nothing illegal will be done in the drill”, muttered Gallegos. (Editor’s Note: Despite the fact that the forces of Jade Helm will be extracting people without due process of law, and Gallegos thinks there is nothing wrong with this?). 

Katy: “Our current administration is violating the US constitution every day, so how can you guarantee that the orders coming down would be any different”?

Gallegos: (Again, displaying nervous body language as exemplified by looking down to avoid contact and nervously smiling, he stated, “I assure you it would all be legal. The Governor would be in command of the drill as only the National Guard would be conducting the drills and I cannot say much more than that”. (Editor’s Note: Since the passage of the John Warner Defense bill, the civilian authority exercised by the National Guard was transferred from the Governor of a state to the President and we are supposed to believe that a Lt. Colonel in the National Guard would be ignorant to that fact?).

Katy: “Isn’t Jade Helm about the extraction drills? In other words, what does the military know that we don’t know to train for this type of operation?”

Gallegos: (He further displayed more nervous body language to an incredible degree as he became increasingly and nervously evasive). “I assure you that it is all on the up and up and legal”.

Katy: “If there was an illegal order that came down from the chain of command, what would you do”?

Gallegos: “That would be up to the individual to decide”.
Katy: She pressed the point and again asked “Why would we need an extraction drill and what are they specifically training for?

Gallegos: He remained evasive and said “it is all legal”.

Yeah, random weird people coming up and ambush interrogating some Guard LTC at lunch.

He was caught off guard and didn’t have a clear answer as he stumbled around for words and his body language was extremely nervous).

No kidding. I’d be a little nervous too. Weird people tend to have that effect on me.

The chances this guy knows any more about JH 15 than he’s seen in a newspaper headline are virtually zip. Here’s a little secret. People in the Army, even Lieutenant Colonels, don’t know what every other element of the Army is doing at any given time. That’s because we’re paying them good money to focus on what their unit is doing.

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  1. I live in Bastrop County Texas – you’ve got to understand we’re right next to Austin so the hippie quotient is, and has always been high. Some of the crap that’s been thrown around out here is frankly, just f*****g unreal. The bridge across the Colorado river going into downtown is named for a SEAL from Smithville. The land in the southern part of the county has been offered up for use and if they want to come take a dip while they’re here, my pool is open to them. Anybody remember reading about the Louisiana maneuvers in 1940 ? Christ on a cracker.

  2. The sad thing is this barely registers on the crazy scale in Texas politics these days. Google “Kory Watkins”, “ISIS training camp in Mexico”, or “UN takeover of the Alamo” if you really want to see examples of crazy.

    The Governor has ordered the State Guard (as opposed to the National Guard) to monitor the exercise. I actually look forward to seeing them interact with Special Forces soldiers. They are an unpaid paramilitary division of the state government, with no relationship to DOD, but wear military uniforms. It will probably resemble a Larry the Cable Guy movie.

  3. if the Special Forces community suddenly wanted to confiscate your guns, set up reeducation and concentration camps, and otherwise impose martial law, would they announce their plans in advance? Would they send a contact team to EVERY county and municipality briefing them on when the exercise will take place?

    That’s all part of the deception plan! Using “routine exercises” to cover preparations for an attack is a classic military technique! =)

  4. My dad met my future step mother in one such SF operation in norther Ga….good times. He took his job seriously I guess.

  5. You said it best…been going on for decades, continuously in one form or another. MSG Harris – that hippie quotient closes more and more towards Bastrop…tried driving in Austin lately?!?! When I retired I was a color trail I couldn’t get away fast enough and had lived there since 1975 and hauled butt in 2009. Course you can go halfway up 95 towards Elgin take a right on FM 2336 go past the rendering plant (if the yuppies haven’t closed that down), and you’ve got “safe haven” at Camp Swift. Yeah howdy pretty nutsy stuff alright. I’m only pulling your leg on the safe haven part BTW. That second deck on 71 go to Smithville yet???? Just kiddin’

  6. No one is more patriotic or more thankful to our military troops, than we are here in our home. Born, raised and forever a Texan – we fully support our troops & veterans! We trust them, on the whole to do the right thing in protecting our homeland and citizens. However, we do NOT trust Obama & his administration – not for one second. It doesn’t sit well with us (citizens), when Walmarts are closed with 2 hours notice, windows and entrances boarded/covered, police guarding entrances to keep people out, and video has been leaked showing shelves moved to block view of the inside of the store. Also, the reasoning given as to the closings are for plumbing repairs. Really? That was quickly shown to be lies and secrecy. The question is Why and it only promotes distrust and the road to speculation and conspiracy theories which have taken hold.
    We don’t put it past Obama’s camp to do anything that we once thought ridiculous. I can only hope that our military would take a stand and protect “We The People” from Obama & the federal govt, if it came down to that.

    1. Wait, you’re telling me that Wal-Mart’s union busting is somehow connected to Jade Helm 15?

      Well shit, now it all makes sense! How did I miss the connection!

  7. Becky – Take a moment, this is a non-sequitur and if not, many herein will take their place in the breech. This is all very, very old and been going on since just before Viet-Nam (my war) when the purpose of these exercises was to detect weaknesses and improve detection of sabateurs and defense in order for water systems, power grids etc. to not be compromised. I applaud your patriotism, and I guarantee this is not the moment…that is to come, but not for quite a bit yet.

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