One For the Body Snatchers

Er, I mean “Recruiters”.  Of which our gracious host was one.  Pushing clay-heads at Parris Island, I got an interesting perspective on the recruiting process.  And having known a few personally, the stories I heard were likely mostly true.

In the process of interviewing EVERY LAST damned recruit to go through a training cycle, I would save the better recruits for last.  Then, I could ask some off-script questions.  Like “If you could be alone with someone for fifteen minutes, who would it be?”  The answers were almost universally “My girlfriend!” or “Jennifer Anniston”, you get the idea…

Except this one recruit.  I asked him the question, but he didn’t answer for prolly thirty seconds.  Then, when he did, he answered “My f*ckin’ Recruiter, Sir!”

3 thoughts on “One For the Body Snatchers”

  1. Having a father who was a senior NCO prepared me better for the games recruiters can play. He told me about as often as the conversation turned to me going in, “if the guy makes a promise, get it in writing on an official form.” I never got to that point because the recruiters I talk with always asked me if any family was serving. As soon as I said my father, the tone of the conversation changed markedly.

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