I’m too tired to give these the write up they deserve.

John Schindler pointed us to this post, and notes that the crippling lack of intelligence SACEUR is facing is a direct result of Edward Snowden.


If you’re going to have an air war, have an air war.

I think most of you by now realize I don’t consider airpower a panacea or replacement for ground forces. But using airpower foolishly is probably worse than not using it at all.


The Fall of Saigon, forty years ago. Dave and Andy wrote it up so I don’t have to.


Speaking of squandering a victory. CDR Sal on losing the already won war in Iraq.  Even the political left is noticing how badly Obama handled that.


Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket had a mostly successful launch the other day. Video at the link.


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  1. As we said during Wog Day: We are Reactor. We’re better than you, and we know it. Bitch.

    1. As said by H&K’s marketing and engineering depts: You suck, and we hate you. Bitch.

  2. Lt Rusty/Jeff Gauch – I salute you….what you two wrote I didn’t know to weep, or get a purple turgid. I’m so proud!!!

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