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  1. Look at the larger resolution picture for the attention to detail; they put a hole/damage mark on the starboard side of USS Cole. Something tells me that there was a story behind why this was added by their team – it’s no accident.

    1. What is the location of that pic? Norfolk used to have a large inactive ships facility. When I was in the Reserve they pulled my PG to downtown Norfolk for some reason for my weekend stay and had to stand quarterdeck watch. The mothballed ships spilled over from Inactive ships into the Elizabeth River across from the wharf we were tied to. One of the reserve Officers stayed up with me talking about the various ships across the river. Wright was still there. It was the only CVE still there as it had been used as a command ship before the Blue Ridge and Mount Whitney were commissioned. LFRs, a couple LSTs, LSIs. I think they even had one of the old “Y” tankers there. Fletchers and Sumners by the score. I seem to remember a couple cruisers. This was the time when the 2nd fleet flagship was an old CA converted to carry Talos missiles. I think it was the Albany, but not sure.

      1. Wright was actually a CVL before converting to a command ship. Unlike the Independence class CVLs, she and Saipan were built from the keel up as CVLs.

    2. You should also bear in mind that the US Navy has more Admirals than it has ships.

  2. I was thinking you’d need a much bigger poster – or much smaller ship silhouettes – to do the US Navy 1945. Or even the US Navy 1985 for that matter…

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