.50cal Smart Rounds

DARPA is always coming up with cool stuff. Some eventually becomes operational, and some is just a neat concept that doesn’t really have a military future. I’m not sure yet where on the spectrum this falls.


Read about it here.

5 thoughts on “.50cal Smart Rounds”

  1. So how long does a .50 BMG round retain enough energy to be lethal? Because that’s going to be effective sniping range once this hits the field.

    1. Out to and beyond the capability of sniper optics, I would imagine. I believe the round is something like 720 grain. But, I would love to have it on a vehicle with CROW or RWS optics. Imagine a 6-9 round burst of this stuff following an infantry squad!

  2. I wonder what the range and impact energy trade off is? The .50 will be useful, but I see more applications for 20 and 30mm, maybe even bigger. It could be really useful in naval applications as well. Hopefully its practically priced to let it be more than a silver bullet.

    1. OTO-Breda had 40- and 76mm versions of this back in the late 80’s / early 90’s.

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