Russian Rehearsal for 70th Anniversary of VE Day Parade

The Russians are always big on big parades of military hardware. And the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day is a fine excuse for a parade. And of course, the military being the military, they have to hold a rehearsal.


I thought adding in the T-34 tanks was an especially nice touch.

By way of contrast, you’ll notice the US pretty much never does anything like this. Can you imagine the 1st Armored Division rolling through DC just to show off?

3 thoughts on “Russian Rehearsal for 70th Anniversary of VE Day Parade”

  1. I was in DC for the Gulf War victory parade in 1991. All my idiot Leftoid acquaintances were gasping breathlessly that it was “just like what they do in Russia!!!”

    To which I responded, “yes, they do it four times a year, and we’ve done it once since 1945, so shut up already.”

  2. I think most of the assets seen in those parades are in the Moscow area to begin with, so it’s a bit cheaper than bringing 1st Tanks up from Bliss.

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