Family Time

I’ve got family visiting. With a little bit of luck, maybe one of the coauthors has something to post.

If not, I’mma try to do a brief follow up on the S-300 post later tonight.

In the meantime, The Who >Rolling Stones>the Beatles. Discuss.

3 thoughts on “Family Time”

  1. Saw the Beatles in old Busch stadium along with the Ronettes, Cyrkle, and the guy who sang “Sonny”. Great concert for open air. Never seen the Stones (not that I don’t like their music), and “Let It Bleed” is their best work IMO. The Who saw them during the “Tommy” tour at SIU’s natural amphitheater (a great concert as well and a great venue. Also saw the Who at St. Louis Colesium during “Quadrephenia” tour when they were warmed up by a then unknown group from Alabama called Lynerd Skynyrd (sp) And that was epic! Side note: my car ended up side by side with the unmarked MO State Highway Patrol car hauling the Beatles to Lambert Field for a good fifteen minutes wherein there was much waving back and forth from 6 ft. away…my fifteen I guess.

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