If it’s such a good idea, why is attendance mandatory?

Every cause has to have some form of demonstration, some “awareness” raising event. Which, even for those issues I care little or nothing about, or even disagree with, that’s fine. This event mentality is particularly a feature of campus life. Which, again, is fine.

But then there’s this.


Now, it appears that either the uniform requirement was later modified, or the cadet chain of command did a poor job passing the word from the beginning.


But still, this is stupid.

The fact is, ROTC Cadets at any university will find themselves obligated to participate in events over and above the purely military training events you would expect of them. For instance, NROTC Cadets at Washington State University used to provide ticket check and bag search services at home football games to the  university.

The crotchety part of me thinks participating in the Walk a mile event in ACUs with red heels is demeaning to the uniform. The other part, the part that knows I’ve used Air Force gloves quite a few times, says that showing the community that the Army can have some fun is OK with people participating. I’m just against being voluntold to participate.

11 thoughts on “If it’s such a good idea, why is attendance mandatory?”

  1. Is there a word way beyond “stupid” to describe this bullshit?

    Embarrass the army…yes. Embarrass yourselves…yes.

    And in what army do women wear high heels while wearing ACU’s?

    So what’s the friggen point?

  2. You want ROTC involved in helping prevent violence against women on campus? ASK them to volunteer for the campus after hours escort service if there is one or suggest they set one up if their isn’t. Increase cadet “awareness” – check, protect and build rapport with the civilian population – check, demonstrate that the military isn’t composed of knuckle dragging baby-killers – check.

  3. I almost hope someone breaks an ankle or something. Imagine that in your permanent record. “Broken ankle while walking in high heeled womens shoes.” Line of duty? You betcha.

    20 years from now you limps into their DAV meeting and someone asks where you were wounded. The answer-“In college. My high heels broke and I hurt my ankle.”

    Makes you proud to be an American, don’t it?

  4. Junk as related in this post reminds me of the old Homer and Jethro song, which was popular with the troops we would bring to our home after Church in Germany, “I’m Just A Drafted Volunteer.”

  5. I fail to see how forcing young men (in general) to walk in high heels has anything to do with sexual abuse. Their own abuse, yes; heels can really mess you up.

    Other suggestions besides those above: loosen alcohol restrictions so binge drinking is reduced. Push back on the “hook-up” culture which is the real culprit here, not a “rape culture.” Re-instill a sense of personal responsibility. I’m no prude, but banging a new stranger every other weekend is hardly moral -or even sensible- behavior. Push back on the idea that promiscuity is somehow “enabling” for women or men.

  6. Not just “beyond stupid, ” BEYOND BELIEF. Another leftist President and the social rot will be beyond repair and the cancerous rot in the armed forces will be inoperable. We are doomed..
    (Fortunately I have laid in “mass quantities” of Barbancourt 5-Star, so can remain oblivious to the consequences up until the moment when our new overlords come to take me away..)

  7. “When you treat your army with contempt, you will soon have a contemptible army”

    I can’t remember who said it (I seem to recall them being British) but it is as true for the U.S. as it was any other Great Power that went into decline. I’m just glad I retired before I had to witness any of this first hand…

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