Saturday Matinee- The Longest Day

A classic movie, that spawned the  phrase “…and a cast of thousands.”

How can you not love a movie with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda and Sean Connery?

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee- The Longest Day”

  1. Interesting side note – the making of Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor came close to bankrupting 20th Century Fox – and the Longest Day, finished the same year, brought them back from the brink.

  2. That is a good, but LOOOOONG movie. I have always loved the Scots Beachmaster.

  3. Not saying it was a bad movie, but it never really gripped me. My impression was their casting directive was “find as many A-list actors you can find and shoe-horn them in. Don’t worry if they’re the best choice for the role. And tell them not to worry about being in-character. Just be themselves.”

  4. As I understand it, they picked up Peter Lawford because the govt. did not want to let them use Navy ships and exercises for background shots but since they used the JFK, the president’s brother in law McNamara, (Mac the Knife), had to back down and let the Navy cooperate in filming some of the scenes. I really liked the movie at the time and it has great music but it leaves a lot of stuff out, there was too much going on to put in one movie.

  5. What’s not to like? Number of Canadian casualties at Juno Beach: 340 killed, 574 wounded and 47 taken prisoner (inland, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion took further casualties). Worse than Utah, but not the near disaster that Omaha was. Number of Canadian characters in The Longest Day: 0.
    It is not a very popular movie in Canada.

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