Unhappy Military Spouses target Pin-Ups For Vets

Back in 2006, Gina Elise, then working in hotel management, decided the influx of wounded troops flooding into our nations veterans care organizations needed some support. More than that, the troops and veterans themselves needed support. Rather than just cutting a check, she decided to see what she herself could do to help. And so Pin-Ups For Vets came to be.

Selling calendars with the look of classic 40s era pin-ups, Gina and her friends raised funds for troops, and gave troops some awesomely morale boosting calendars.


Photo courtesy of Pin-Ups For Vets

Pretty tasteful and really, these days, quite demure.

But of course, someone always has to be butthurt.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure there are better, more effective ways to support veterans than by parading yourself around in front of someone else’s husband while wearing sexy retro outfits and burlesque costumes, shooting provocative pin-up calendars and holding a burlesque show fundraiser.

Or maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m “just” another jealous military spouse who would prefer her husband’s eyes be on her, not on some busty veteran supporting pin-up girl, regardless of her good intentions or “good cause.”

Maybe you’re just a little overly sensitive.

Friend of the blog SKK chatted with Gina about the opinion piece at SpouseBuzzz:

“It’s important to note here that 50% of our supporters online and at our events are women, who enthusiastically embrace the pinup image and its positive effects in the hospital wards across the U.S.,” Gina tells me.

Nor is the group entirely male-directed.

“We often visit women Veterans in the hospitals who are thrilled to meet our female Veteran volunteers, their sisters from the military,” Gina tells me. “In fact, on our last hospital visit in Alabama, a female Veteran, who was completely surprised by our visit said, ‘If you can make me smile, you can make anyone smile.’ The Veterans often tell us, ‘When you are here, my pain is gone.’ “

Happiness is key to healing, Gina says. “One of our calendar models is a former Naval Flight Surgeon, now an ER doctor, and she has attested to how much these visits matter in recovery for our ill and injured Veterans.”

At a time when so much of our society seems to ever more sleazy and skeevy, Gina and her ambassadors are trying to class up the joint. 

We think Gina and her gang are the cat’s meow.

To SpouseBuzz’ credit, they did invite Gina to pen a reply on their pages.

7 thoughts on “Unhappy Military Spouses target Pin-Ups For Vets”

  1. Granted I’m still single but the frg always seemed just an obstacle to training and potential opsec hole, this is one more reason not to like them.

  2. Interesting. I know a number of (civilian) young women into the 40’s look and pinup era as both an expression of their sexuality *and* as a demonstration of female empowerment.

    I wonder to if the butthurt would be quite as strong if the calendar was instead “The Boys of The Marines”. My missus would likely buy that and I wouldn’t blame her in the least.

  3. Always remember, Army Wife toughest job in the Army. They’ve even got a bumper sticker that says so.

    It seems about right that they would be bitching about stuff like that instead of something that might actually matter like, I don’t know, healthcare and benefits…but hey if you want to gripe about a woman trying to help people feel a little better, then knock yourself out. F’ing idiots.

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