JOINT CHIEFS: Why We Don't Care That You're Resigning


The following is an opinion article written by the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It has come to our attention that another company grade officer has very publicly resigned, citing numerous reasons for doing so. As the top commissioned leaders of the different branches, we feel this issue now requires that we respond to these resigning officers.

First and foremost, thank you for your service. Most Americans will never understand what can be gained from putting yourself at a point of great friction in defense of your nation’s way of life. We are truly grateful for the countless sacrifices every one of our servicemembers makes, especially the ones that will never be perceived at our level. We know that this is a hard life, and it hurts us to know that there are good things you do that will never be recognized.

Second, we do not care that you are resigning. Your career is less than a blip on our radar screen. Your skills and experiences will never in a million years cause us to raise even a finger to stop you from resigning, much less cause us to look back on your resignation with regret. Regardless of your unique and valuable perspective, you could not be more replaceable.

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TDB is our go-to for military laughs. But this piece is absolutely serious, and spot on. Go read the whole thing.

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    1. As one commenter over there put it, “they went through satire and parody all the way to truth.” I’m sure the JCS didn’t have anything to do with that post, but I also have no doubt that’s exactly how they think.

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